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Getting to Know One Year Olds!

One of the best ways to help little ones learn and grow is to encourage active play. Movement is critical to the physical development of a toddler, as the mastery of new motor skills helps them gain more independence.

At one years old, toddlers try to become independent in many ways and you'll likely begin to see their unique personality emerge. Additionally, their thinking skills drastically improve and they are now able to follow simple instructions and they also begin to show an interest in other children.

Moving is a great way for toddlers to build muscle strength, which is important for developing more complex movements, such as walking and running. Toddlers love to to follow familiar routines, so doing things like singing counting songs, mimicking animal motions during routines and using toys for imaginary play are all great ways to encourage movement.

The best way way to support a toddler during this time of their life is to give them lots of things to do and see! Toddlers are curious, so providing experiences that encourage independence, exploration and imagination are important. Encouraging social play (or playing with others) is also great way to allow toddlers to explore the world around them and learn to be around other children!


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